Mike Nelson: Triple Bluff Canyon

08.05.2004 — 04.07.2004

Modern Art Oxford

Fiction, alchemy, geometry and a politicised rereading of 1970s land art are central to Triple Bluff Canyon, a major new sculptural installation by Mike Nelson at Modern Art Oxford.

Nelson is known for his large-scale sculptures and installations made up of sequences of meticulously crafted, interconnecting rooms that suggest real or remembered places. Cinematic narrative and the literary constructions of Jules Verne, Jorg Luis Borges, and 1970s science fiction are some of the references running through Nelson's psychologically charged work which evoke stories of piracy, survival, desertion and the covert groupings of the stateless or the subversive.To encounter it is to become caught up in a dizzying world in which real and fictional experience merge and fracture into multiple perspectives.

 For his exhibition at Modern Art Oxford, Nelson presents us with a duplicitous tale in three chapters.

Triple Bluff Canyon is Mike Nelson's first one person exhibition in the UK since his Turner Prize nomination in 2001. He has recently exhibited in the Sydney Biennale (2002) and Istanbul Biennale (2003). Nelson is representing Britain at the Sao Paolo Biennale in September 2004. Organised by Modern Art Oxford.

Mike Nelson's exhibition has been generously supported by Arts Council England, South East and The Elephant Trust.


Triple Bluff Canyon

Mike Nelson

Event Dates

  • Exhibition 08.05.2004 — 04.07.2004

    A major new sculptural installation.