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Symposium Videos: What You Can Do In Public


On Saturday 25 April, Modern Art Oxford hosted a Symposium to discuss performance art and performing in public. The presentations by artists, academics and curators were recorded and you can see the videos below.

For more information on the Symposium, please click here.

Speakers included artists Hayley Newman, Anthony Howell and Florence Peake, Director of LADA Lois Kiedan and curator Nicola Lees.

Hayley Newman

Anthony Howell

Florence Peake

Lois Kiedan

Nicola Lees

Debora Delmar Corp. Upward Mobility


As part of the exhibition Upward Mobility, Debora Delmar Corp. has created a video which maps out exhibition themes, providing an insight into how her work has developed during her residency in Oxford.

For more information on the exhibition and to plan your visit, please click here.


A Message from our Director, Paul Hobson


Today, we are asking you to help support Modern Art Oxford.

Each year for almost 50 years, Modern Art Oxford has welcomed over 100,000 people of all ages to vibrant exhibitions of contemporary art.

Most importantly, we do it all for free, never choosing to charge for our exhibitions.

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Anthony D’Offay & Jeremy Deller in Conversation


As part of our Love is Enough events, gallerist, collector and world-renowned Warhol expert, Anthony d’Offay was joined by the exhibition’s curator, Jeremy Deller to discuss working with Warhol.

The talk took place at Modern Art Oxford on 5 February 2015.

Ed Vaizey & Digital Oxford


On Wednesday 28 January 2015, we opened our doors to Digital Oxford, a hub bringing together technologically creative minds. Throughout the evening, we had over 300 guests mingling, learning and most importantly, connecting. Ed Vaizey, MP for Didcot and Wantage, had an extra special message for our audience and Digital Oxford have kindly allowed us to share it with you.

As a city, Oxford has the global exposure, digital heritage, intellectual and cultural capital to attract the world’s brightest minds, connecting industries from healthcare and automotive to coding and creativity. In fact, this isn’t an ambition. It’s a reality. Oxford is already home to some of the world’s leading technology. We just need to let the world know about it. And that starts at home.

This is what Digital Oxford aims to do. Find out more here:

At Modern Art Oxford we are proud to have hosted the launch event for Digital Oxford, and look forward to being a part of its future.

Thanks also to Oxford Digital Media for filming.

Perspectives: Myth


On 15 January 2015, we hosted a night of discussions on myths and myth making from the roots of medieval tales to our collective capacity for fiction and how myths are made in contemporary culture. Speakers included Prof. Lisa Bortolotti, and Dr Finola Kerrigan, of The University of Birmingham.