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Following the new guidance issued by the government, Modern Art Oxford will be closed from Wednesday 23 December, until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery as soon as we can.

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Join art historian Marit Paasche to discuss the life and work of Hannah Ryggen.

Ryggen was born in 1894 and died in 1970, leaving behind an impressive array of works, where there is no distinction between life and art.

This talk will uncover the combative attitudes and strong political awareness which were driving forces in Ryggen’s art, as well as exploring the topics and people she addressed in her works.

Marit Paasche

Marit Paasche is an art historian and former head of research at the Norwegian Video Art Archive. She works as an art critic, curator and writer, based in Oslo. Her latest book, Hannah Ryggen. En fri (Hannah Ryggen. A Free One), won the Critic’s award for the best non-fiction book for 2016.

Paasche has been an author and editor of several other books, including Lives and Videotapes: The Inconsistent History of Norwegian Video Art (Feil forlag, 2014), We Are Living on Star (Sternberg Press, 2014), A Thousand Eyes: Media Technology, Law, and Aesthetics (Sternberg Press, 2011), and Urban Images: Unruly Desires in Film and Architecture (Sternberg Press 2011). She has also published frequently on the issue of photography, film and visual art.