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Following the new guidance issued by the government, Modern Art Oxford will be closed from Wednesday 23 December, until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery as soon as we can.

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The Indivisible Present is the first exhibition in KALEIDOSCOPE, a year long programme of unfolding exhibitions at Modern Art Oxford in 2016. During the year, iconic works from the past return to the gallery alongside new commissions by acclaimed artists of the current generation.

In this opening exhibition, what we see and the things we miss are explored by artists who examine time from an unconventional perspective. They include Douglas Gordon, Pierre Huyghe, John Latham, Yoko Ono, Elizabeth Price, Dog Kennel Hill Project and Viola Yeşiltaç. The works on display, encompassing film, photography, sculpture and installation, invite visitors to examine each moment they encounter and to consider how time affects perception.

In a new twist, the exhibition will begin to transition from one to the next from 22 March, when visitors will be able to see the processes of exhibition-making first hand. Through this unexpected device, Modern Art Oxford aims to offer audiences opportunities to develop their insight into the production of contemporary visual culture, by allowing them to see behind the scenes of the institution at work with artists and artworks.


The Indivisible Present turns around to A Moment of Grace between 22 March and 15 April.

Download the Exhibition Notes here: The Indivisible Present Exhibition Notes

Download the Activity Guide here: Activity Guide – Red

Download writer-in-residence Sally O’Reilly’s text here: A Study in Tenses

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