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For this online exhibition as part of the Platform Graduate Award 2020, James presents his ongoing interactive website raisin_things. During the week of the exhibition, James also presents a livestream performance, an artist-led workshop for 12-14 year olds, and an artist’s edition Mystery Box produced for Modern Art Oxford.

Enter these spaces by clicking on the links below.

Clicking on this image takes you to another webpage with information about how you can enter a prize draw to win a mystery box made by the artist

Clicking on this image takes you to a Youtube livestream video created by James Scott

Clicking on this image takes you to another webpage with information about James Scott's workshops at the gallery


Please note

The raisin_things site has been designed for laptop/desktop devices only and is therefore not compatible with mobile devices. If you use a device such as a screen reader that is currently incompatible with the site, please click here to find out about James's upcoming workshops at the gallery and sign up here to be in with a chance of winning one of the artist's limited edition Mystery Boxes.

About the artist

James stages quasi-scientific investigations, with the resulting, often futile experiments, working collectively to navigate a surreal space.

Through his broad practice spanning video, installation and performance, James’s artistic persona echoes that of the pioneer, trickster and scientific experimenter. He produces investigations that manifest as situations or ‘traps’ for the viewer, through encounters which in themselves seem to remain ostensibly futile in reaching ‘conclusion’.

James’s playful and adaptive practice freely navigates the subtle gestures of everyday systems; like alchemy, along the way subject matter is activated beyond its intended function or form, leaving reality behind to transition to a surreal space. raisin_things embodies his core principles, balancing precision with the makeshift, and the found with the fabricated.