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Following the new guidance issued by the government, Modern Art Oxford will be closed from Wednesday 23 December, until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery as soon as we can.

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Project Space
23 May – 12 July 2015
Free Entry

An exhibition of works by Serena Korda and Dr. Lakra

Folkloric rituals, from harvest festivals in Sussex to Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, continue to be shaped by the rites and activities which traditionally bound communities together. The symbols, images and materials produced as part of these rituals are often appropriated, developed and repurposed over time to gain new relevance beyond their pagan ritual origins. They are the visual representations of myth and familiarity, fear and hope, and of community identity in a specific place and time.

Shifting Sands brings together the work of two artists who continue these traditions in a contemporary context, working with images and ideas that resonate across time and cultures. The sculptures, collages and drawings presented in this exhibition reach into the past and mix traditional folklore with symbols of contemporary culture. They reflect the evolution in how we think about community, culture and history, and how this has altered over time.


The Hosts:Ectoplasmic Variations has been made with the support of Camden Arts Centre, Rhubaba Gallery and Choir, Smiths Row and King’s College London. With special thanks to Kat Buchanan.

To view and download the exhibition notes, please click here: Shifting Sands Exhibition Notes.