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A symposium examining the possibilities for presenting performance in public, from community building to political action, theatre to flash mobs.

The day will include presentations from practicing artists, academics and curators working in the field.

Speakers include:

Hayley Newman

Artist Hayley Newman discusses her recent novella Common, which documents a range of performances and actions which took place across the City of London in the wake of the market crash of 2011. She will also be discussing her work as part of the Liberate TATE campaign.

Anthony Howell

Artist Anthony Howell one of the key members of the Theatre of Mistakes, featured in the TEST RUN: Performance in Public exhibition presents a performance work filmed by the audience on the streets of St Petersberg.

Florence Peake: Crash/ Lay Me Down.

Artist Florence Peake will discuss the ideas behind Lay Me Down and how the piece intervened with public space, looking at the problems and surprising encounters with the public and the work. She will look at how the piece was developed from the concern and questions of assimilation and corporatisation of art into public space. Has media and advertising rendered performance intervention redundant i.e. advertising campaigns in train stations and busy streets. Or where the possibilities for performance to still have a radical edge within the public and where its politics are still alive and kicking.

Lois Kiedan – Works from the LADA archive

Director of the Live Art Development Agency presents a series of performance works staged in public across taken from the LADA Study Room. An open access collection of performance works built up over the life of the organization.

Please note that this event will be broadcast live, more information to follow.