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We are open 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12-5pm on Sundays. We are not open on Mondays.

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Oxford based musicians Young Knives became known as NME indie rockers in the mid-noughties, but in recent years have moved in a darker, noisier electronic direction.
They are currently working on a record which explores the idea of humanity’s inherent barbarity however technologically and scientifically advanced we become, we don’t seem to be any less cruel to each other, we do not become better people. 
They have produced an album that uses this as a running question; if we are somehow naturally barbaric, how do we come to terms with this? The question is not a moral judgment but explores different responses.  As part of Future Knowledge they will be in residency developing elements for a dynamic new stage show. 
We want to create an augmented gig, a live music experience that is more than a set list of songs, but music, imagery, spoken word and sculpture combining into a complete live experience. Visitors will be able to watch and be involved in this process. Using the gallery spaces to make new videos, ask moral questions of the public, and unveil a monumental new stage installation in the basement space bringing together songs, soundtracks and sonic sculpture. – Young Knives
Visit their website here.
Listen below to ‘We Could Be Blood’ from their album ‘Sick Octave’ (2013)

Free. Drop in, no booking required.