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Activating our Archives: Community Dialogues is a group project exploring personal and shared identities through photography, storytelling and digital archiving.

Over a series of workshops led by artist Sunil Shah, the participants share stories and images, considering the ways in which we present and receive images in the physical and digital space. Building on a very successful pilot project in 2019, this year’s project Community Dialogues has a special emphasis on collective and personal identities, community, and the exchange of images and ideas.

The now online community of participants are actively responding to the challenges of image-making and collective archiving in the current climate.

Follow the project and get involved on Instagram using the hashtag #ActivatingOurArchives

You can watch the project develop live as the participants share photographs, reflections and images on our digital archiving platform below.

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This project is run in collaboration with Fusion Arts Oxford. Read more here.


Activating our Archives 2019

Activating our Archives is a group project led by artist Sunil Shah which uses photography and curation to bring together a community of people from across Oxford to build an online archive of images that reflect on and explore their own lives.

The archive can be viewed both online on Instagram and at the gallery. The project began in 2019, inspired by Akram Zaatari’s exhibition The Script and continues in 2020.

The archive reflects and expresses aspects of our lives that we consider as private, public, individual and collective. It explores how images are used online and how we represent ourselves online through social media.

Using digital technology and analogue methods participants take photographs, select and sort their own and each others’ images, and engage in group discussions.

Join the project by following #activatingourarchives on Instagram. There are also opportunities to add your own images, both in person and via Modern Art Oxford’s Instagram account.

Follow the 2019 project below on our digital archiving platform Padlet: