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Make Play at Home #2: CD Spinner Drawings


Make Play is Modern Art Oxford’s early years programme for 0-5 year olds and their grownups to play and discover together.

Make Play at Home invites you to keep making and playing alongside each other at home. Our Make Play at Home activities are easy to do and can be made at home using only common items found around the house.

Follow along using the instructions below or download our PDF instructions here.

This week: CD Spinner Drawings!

What do we need?

  • Old CD or DVD
  • Non-toxic chunky felt-tip pen (as close to the CD hole size as possible!)
  • A blob of modelling clay or elastic bands
  • Paper

What do we do?

  1. Pop your chunky pen through the hole in the middle of your CD. Your CD needs to be quite close to the inky end of your pen.
  2. If your pen is a little too small you can use an elastic band on either side to secure it, or a little bit of modelling clay – be careful not to make it too heavy!

How do we use it?

  1. Hold the top of the pen gently between the palms of your hands just above your paper.
  2. Gently but quickly pull one hand back towards you and drop the spinner onto the paper letting it dance an inky line all over the paper*.
*You can adjust the position of the CD on the pen to make sure it spins well.

Things to try:

  1. Try using your spinner on a huge sheet of paper on the floor.
  2. Try using lots of spinners at once – what happens if you use lots of different coloured pens?
  3. Try a spin off competition – whose will draw for the longest?


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