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11am - 4pm
11am - 4pm
11am - 4pm
11am - 4pm
11am - 4pm
11am - 4pm

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Booking Request Form

  • Thank you for your thinking of Modern Art Oxford for your event. Please fill in this Booking Request Form with as much information as possible. Our Visitor Services team is on furlough until the 31st of May, and can help with bookings for events taking place after July 2020.

    Please note, submission of a booking request form does not constitute confirmation of a booking.
  • Contact details

  • This is the person responsible for arranging the details or the hire
  • This will be the address to which all invoices are sent
  • Event details

  • If you are looking to hire for multiple days, please put the first date required.
  • When do you want to be on site (for setting up)?
  • At what time will you invite your guests to arrive?
  • By what time will your guests have left?
  • By what point will all your contractors, team or equipment be offsite?
  • Thank for submitting an event booking request form - please allow 3 working days for the form to be reviewed

  • While we try and respond to all enquiries in three days, we may not be able to follow up on every enquiry with a formal quote for hire.

    No booking is secure and no contract will exist between Modern Art Oxford and any potential Client or Third Party until an agreement and acceptance of the full terms and conditions is signed by both parties and a deposit has been received. Any enquiry, discussion or correspondance regarding a booking should not be taken to assume confirmation of agreement. You consent to provide these details for use and storage by Modern Art Oxford. These will be kept for as long as is necessary to field your enquiry, or one year whichever is longer, and then anonymised for use in improving our services. Personal data related to your hires enquiry is never shared externally. For further information please see our Privacy, Security and Cookie notice at