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16 August
18 September 2022

Adapt Transform

How can cities be designed with communities and our planet in mind?

Adapt Transform is an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring urban design and creativity, on display across two sites – Modern Art Oxford until 18 September and The Glass Tank Gallery at Oxford Brookes University until 11 September.

The exhibition looks at community experiences of urban design that impact the transformation of places over time. It brings together a range of lived experiences to explore how the planning and design of cities affects the way we live. 

The artworks in Adapt Transform feature creative works and ideas including maps, data and documentation, painting and performance, public sculpture, modelling and prototypes.

The exhibition is collaboratively curated by a group of volunteers from Modern Art Oxford, and the work on display is by artists and creatives who responded to a county-wide call out in Spring 2022.

Selected creatives in Adapt Transform are: Alexander Stavrou, Ash Goller, Atkins Urban Nature Lab, David Gasca, Deborah Pill, Green Arts Oxfordshire Network, Jan-Hendrik Höhnk, Jimi Cullen, Katrin Wilhelm & Sterling Mackinnon, Makespace, Mark James, Muesli Collective, Nor Greenhalgh, and Thomas Nicolaou.

Adapt Transform is co-curated by: Alan Edgington, Antony Mikallou, Dominika Jankowska, Hamideh Rimaz, Helen Frankland,  Ignacia Heredia Contreras, Jason Wong, Karen Herring, Katya Mora, Lauren Waller, Lucy Jacobs, Neil Rendell, Roland Gallivo, Shamim Rehman, and Stu Allsopp with guests architect Wongani Mwanza (Transition by Design) and Georgia Watson, Professor of Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University.

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Adapt Transform is supported by

Oxford Brookes University
CHK Foundation