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We are open 10am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12-5pm on Sundays. We are not open on Mondays.

On Tuesday 27th October James led two online (Zoom) workshops for 12-14 year olds who had previously responded to an open call for participants.

The participants were sent boxes in the post containing materials ahead of the workshop.

A note on the outside of the box instructed participants to refrain from opening them until told to do so during their workshop and gave instructions to bring a specific common household item to the workshop.

The A5 postal boxes contained:

  • A black biro
  • 2 x A4 sheets of cartridge paper
  • 1 x A4 sheet of carbon paper
  • 4 Paperclips
  • One yellow post-it note
  • Yellow moulding clay
  • A snack sized box of Sun-Maid raisins


The workshop comprised of various activities and presentations relating to the raisin_things project and James’ wider artistic practice, sparked by the relationships between art, science and design.

Below are the traces left by the participants of the workshop:

(All images were sent in by participants, credits below)

Participants used a biro and paper for completing many of the tasks, the markings were simultaneously traced onto this second piece of paper by using carbon paper. The notes are abstract and bear witness to the process of thinking.

By Freya

By Ethan

More coming soon…

Images of clay sculptures

These miniature modelling clay ‘sculptures’ were created after a minimal brief, and designed to give participants the control to make something cognitive or automatic.

By Freya

By Ethan

More coming soon…

Thank you to the all the participants of the workshop.